ARQLabs is now open. This is a community run site, run by volunteers who all want to work for the betterment of ArQmA. The purpose of ARQLabs is simple, our aim is to take some of the load off the main devs so that they can focus on the main project rather than things like graphics, videos, mining support, pool ops support, content creation, and any other number of smaller things that go into making ArQmA better.

This idea is not a new one and is loosely based on TRTL Labs and ethoLABS

Our Goals

  • Improve ArQmA
  • Review community proposals for ARQLabs projects
  • Set up bounties for projects (i.e. Content creation, videos, graphics, bug finders, significant code updates)
  • Content creation
  • Documentation

The creation of ARQLabs shows that the main devs are committed to keeping ArQmA a community project and to listen to what the community as a whole wants. It is also to help spur community involvement in the path of ArQmA.

Right now we ask that you please bear with us as we work out how to accomplish all of this and make this site more user friendly

Thank you.