Another crap coin joining in on the foray to copy code, do a premine to pad the pockets of the original few, and then issue an ICO to actually do what with? Those are my thoughts these days when I see new coins pop up.

But the ArQmA logo caught my eye (it is cool), and I was in the process of desperately seeking out SOMETHING that could renew my faith in crypto. I had all but given up. And then I started researching ArQmA. What I discovered was refreshing! A coin that didn’t have an ICO, that was founded on the principle of participation by all involved, and that had a very clear vision for the future. I had to know more.


The result has been my discovery that this coin was founded by a group with years of experience that were at least as disgruntled as I was at the appalling state of affairs crypto was sliding into. They decided to do something about it. ArQmA is the answer to that.

The First

The first priority was to define a plan of action that would include an adaptation of the existing CN blockchain and modifying it to attain the security and speed that has been a hindrance to the global adaptation of the technology from the beginning. A brand new chain. And a whole-hearted desire to keep improving, to stay ahead of the ofttimes less than virtuous game had to be goal #1. Warp speed of transactions coupled with previously unattainable security is the result.

The Second

The second priority was how to make this available to all, layman and professional. To make it simple to use, but still retain the highest degree of anonymity. The ArQmA wallet was born. Designed for PC, tablet, or phone, it contains all the functions needed to make it a snap to use and yet still retain total security. It just works!
They also realized that a project that was covered in secrecy would draw criticism and ridicule from those that are “in the know” (as I like to consider myself). Trust no one! So they opened the door to participation from all involved. Complete transparency and a willingness to listen and even implement ideas from “us”, the ones who are actually in the trenches, mining and promoting, became and still is top priority. What a concept!

What does all this mean?

If you’re just looking to turn a quick buck and move on to the next unsuspecting victim, probably nothing. But if you’re looking for a project that has been well thought out, is constantly improving, and looking to a bright and profitable future you need seek no more.
This is it! Come join us!