Ever suddenly realize the coin you’ve been passionately mining for and whole-heartedly believed in has suddenly thrown you under the bus? You suddenly realize that you’ve been backing an endeavor that never cared an iota (pun intended) for what you’ve contributed to their project? I’ve experienced that. Several times.

My experience with ArQmA has been entirely different. I do feel appreciated, not only by the dev’s, but by the community as a whole. I’m actually part of something and not just another miner with a few GPU’s. My opinion matters. Most, if not all coins I’ve been involved with have treated hobby miners like myself as a readily replaceable commodity. They pretend to listen, but their minds are on bigger and better things. We’re nothing to them but an easy way to get hash while they’re busy figuring out the best way to attract mega-hash power with large corporate farms and even ASIC’s in some instances. Their short-sighted drive for success has blinded them to those like myself who set them on that road to begin with, the small guys like us that have small farms but huge passion and belief in this tech.

ArQmA is different. Small miners are appreciated and recognized as a vital part of the ecosystem. We have a say in decisions that ultimately define the value of the coin, not just monetarily but also in the eyes of the end user. These guys realize that success is gained in small increments over a period of time, and that the end user will be the true marker of that success. This mentality of growth in small bytes (did it again!) and taking the time to do things right and in a professional manner are the stepping stones to a very successful future in this ever-changing business of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The future success of ArQmA will come as a result of the developer’s passion for the technology, the ability to implement it, and the wisdom to know that we, the small guys, make up the big picture, bit by bit., hash by hash.
ArQmA is set to help define the future of how crypto will ultimately become the preferred method of payment for the world. Fast. Reliable. Private. And most importantly, available hassle-free to all!
So come join us. We’d love to share the future with you.