No. Definitely not.

The industry has gone through a lot of growing pains, but it is far from being dead. Nor is it dying. It’s actually more like kudzu vine. It takes it a while to get a good start, but once it does it takes over everything! That’s what cryptocurrency will do. It has taken it a while to take root, has had some tremendous growth spurts, then just kinda’ withered and dried up as crypto winter came upon us. But it’s NOT dead. And winter won’t last forever. Spring IS coming. And with proper care and attention to the pre-growth maintenance, which any successful crop requires, it will flourish beyond our wildest dreams!


But attention must be paid to eliminating the weeds (coins and players with ill intentions), development of a better root system (software and infrastructure), and proper fertilization (advertising campaigns to further public awareness). If these things are properly addressed crypto will experience absolutely phenomenal growth. But we, as early “farmers” will have to do our part to keep the weeds out and continually develop and apply the best fertilizers to help keep the new growth vibrant and healthy.


We also need to choose the right hybrid (coin). Things to look for should include transparency, involvement by the entire organization, continuous development, an active publicity campaign, and most importantly, vision. Mass adoption is key, and these qualities will ensure that.
Then, after a lot of toil and sweat, harvest time will come. And when it does those of us who found value in this presumed worthless crop will enjoy a bountiful harvest and reap the rewards of our diligence, belief, and foresight. The future is up to us!

Come join ArQmA. A hybrid with vision!