New Release from ArQmA – Version 0.3.2

Version 0.3.2 will add

  • SSL Support for both P2P and RPC protocols
  • SSL-TLS v1.2 minimum supporting with strong CIPHERS hardcoded to sources
  • Capability to automatically generate SSL-Certificate
  • Bug fix related to alt-chains during sync
  • Fix for sync from block 0

Some specific changes are


  1. blockchain: remove unused output_scan_worker parameter
  2. protocol: option to pad transaction relay to the next kB
  3. do not propagate exception through dtor
  4. epee: speed up parse_hexstr_to_binbuff a little
  5. blockchain: remove “0 is height” shortcut from get_output_distribution
  6. protocol: fix incorrect tx hash in log
  7. a few minor (but easy) performance tweaks
  8. windows_service: fix memory leak
  9. protocol: fix use after free when dropping a connection
  10. No longer use a list for registering self-references in the abstract TCP server
  11. More to come!
Download new Daemon/Wallet at