So what’s so great about ArQmA?


There are a number of things that attracted me to ArQmA. One of the biggest things for me was their focus on security. The ArQmA devs have made the security of both the blockchain and the users one of their top priorities. They are constantly designing in new and better ways to protect your assets in the wallets.


The next thing is the focus on privacy. Now almost every cryptonight based coin claims privacy but ArQmA has taken it even further. As an example they have recently implemented TOR and IP2 into the wallet. What does that mean? Well for those that prize their privacy you can use this to even further obfuscate their transactions with the network.


ArQmA has a strong and friendly community of people who are happy to help those that are running into problems. The community is involved with testing and development of the coin.


The devs for ArQmA are very involved with the community and frequently are asking the opinion of it about the direction of the coin. They are dedicated and constantly churning out new features for this coin.  All you need to do is look at the number of commits to their Github account to see this.

Untapped Gem

One of the last but still a large reason for me to support ArQmA is right now with it’s current price it is very under-valued. This makes it a great time to get my bag built up at a bargain. It is on two good exchanges (TradeOgre and CREX24) as well as the DEX BISQ.


All in all, ArQmA is one of my favorite projects. With all this being said please Do your own research before investing. I am not an investment advisor and ALWAYS recommend doing your own research.