Interest in ArQmA picks up

You may (or may not) have noticed that both the network hashrate and the price of ArQmA have gone up lately.  These go hand in hand. When the price goes up more people mine. The current hashrate is sitting at around 2.7 -3 MH/s and the price is around 350 sats. Respectable but still undervalued for what it is.

 FOMO Time?

If you are worried you missed out on ArQmA, you can rest easy. The is still plenty of time to start stacking your bags with this gem. Most of the volume is on TradeOgre but Crex24 is also seeing more volume as well.

If you are a miner with the hashrate still only at 2.7-3 MH/s this is still a great time to mine!  A list of mining pools can be found at Please remember to spread the hashrate around to some of the smaller pools to help keep the network secure.


How do you get started?

The first place to get started is by downloading and installing the wallet. The wallets can be found on Github at

To trade your ArQmA go to

or you can use the BISQ dex app. 

For more information on ArQmA