ArQmA Hard Fork Announcement

The New release named Devil’S Cipher v0.4.0.0 will be available on:



All members of the ArQmA network must upgrade their software!

Main changes:

– POW Algorithm changes to Cryptonight-pico variant 2 aka Cryptonight-Turtle.

– Blockchain poisson checking with 128 blocks depth at REORG which is mostly caused by chain split.

– Default SSL cert algorithm set to sha256 instead of sha1.

– Now you can check for the new release and download them directly from your CLI.

Estimated Fork date:

25.05.2019 at block 183700

News from the front:

Muscleman, well known in the mining community, joined the ArQmA Dev Team recently and he will among other things take care of the pool where you can merge mine ARQ with various coins.

We are close to bringing back the ArQmA Web wallet to the community.

A new pool with geolocalisation will be available to connect at As usual, support will be provided on our discord and telegram channels. We hope you will enjoy our new solution for prop and solo mining.

Behind the scene:

We are finalizing the beta version of our arqma-rpc-js library. The library allows connecting to the RPC Wallet and RPC Daemon in JavaScript. Every request uses Promise and is queued. It works over ssl and with digest authentication. The only external dependency is p-queue. We will release it in the next weeks on our github and would be happy to welcome some reviewers. Feel free to catch up with SmajeNz0 on our discord channel if you are interested.

Just come as you are and stop by: