ArQmA Giveaway!!!!

There is a giveaway happening right now on Facebook being hosted by tourist 

The rules and conditions of the giveaway are as follows

  1.  Facebook post explaining rules and prizes one entry per user
  2. 10 free arq to the first 100 new gui wallet users. ONLY GUI WALLET
  3.  receive an additional 10 free arq by posting screenshot of gui cpu wallet mining hashrate on facebook
  4.  each 10 arq recieved counts as a entry into grand prize of 500 arq
  5.  entry is verified by posting a screenshot on arq facebook page showing version and wallet address. No personal info will be collected or shared on public wallet address

What is needed?

  1. arq facebook wallet to load arq for giveaway easily verified by everyone.
  2. Arq write up for facebook to explain arq and how it is different than other privacy coins along with a simple roadmap outline of developers roadmap. This can be text or a short video
  3. facebook users to like and share

What does this hope to accomplish?

  •  increase notoriety of arq coin
  • encourage users to use the secure official gui wallet
  • allow inexperienced miners to start mining without being forced to download cumbersome mining software.