ArQmA is expanding!

ArQmA has moved into the Chinese market which brought more volume and hashrate to the network. ArQmA is now available to trade on QBTC (link: The community is planning to expand to another market in the next weeks.

There have been a number of developments lately for the ArQmA Electron Wallet including new translations in Chinese and Czech. Most of the fields have been updated for multi languages and an auto update feature is now available. The binaries are available at

The last marketing initiative has been largely successful introducing new users and investors to the ArQmA Network which brings the deserved attention to the continuous development being done behind the scenes and the involvement of its community bringing ArQmA further. At the demand of the community and investors, the balance of the premine will be burnt for the next fork. All the infrastructures have been and are solely and entirely financed by the devs and prove their confidence in the future of the project. Stay tuned!