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How to use the Windows CLI Wallet

Got to and download the wallet you need (Windows users can download the 64bits compiled binaries).

Extract files from the zip file and put them in a folder (In this example we will use “C:\Users\Nobody\arqma”).

Start cmd.exe and navigate to your folder. (you can start cmd.exe by pressing the windows button + r)

You may also be able to start it by simply double-clicking the arqmad.exe file

Then start your daemon with “arqmad.exe” and let it sync. It will take a while.

You will see many messages on your window like the following:

“2018-07-11 18:05:32.648 [P2P4]  INFO    global  src/cryptonote_protocol/cryptono

te_protocol_handler.inl:1172    ←[1;33m[ INC]  Synced 501/9737”

The important part is “Synced 501/9737”. We have to wait until the daemon is synced with the network.

Once it is synced you will see the following message

You are now synchronized with the network. You may now start arqma-wallet-cli.

Use the “help” command to see the list of available commands.

Once we get to this point you are ready to create your ARQMA wallet address

How to create a wallet address with CLI-wallet?

Start cmd.exe (windows button + r) and navigate to the directory you saved the files for the arqma wallet

Then start the wallet with “arqma-wallet-cli.exe”

You may also be able to start your wallet by double-clicking arqma-wallet-cli.exe.

Remember you will want to have your arqmad.exe daemon running and synced when you do this.

Enter a wallet file name. Confirm.

Choose a password. Confirm the password. Choose your language. 1 for English.

Now, look at the output.  Your address has been created.

Your address begins with “ar”.

You see there is a list of 25 words. You have to note these words on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. With these words you can recover your wallet anytime.

To see your address when logged in the CLI wallet you can issue the command “address”.

You can also get the 25 words using the command “seed”.

You can force the wallet to synchronize with the daemon issuing the command “refresh”.

There is also a function “help” to list all functions of the CLI wallet.

You exit the wallet using the command “exit”.

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